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T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 in stores November 8th for $199.99



I guess the buzz that AT&T is getting tonight with the Windows Phone 7 embargo being lifted a couple of hours ago has T-Mobile a little envious. I don’t know why there are no reviews of the T-Mo HTC HD7 hitting the interwebz right now, no idea at all and since HTC has devices out there for AT&T and overseas carriers already.

Anyhow, despite why T-Mobile is tweeting the date and price of the HD7 tonight, we at least know the price now. I am sure most of us knew that it would be available on Nov 8th already.

The tweet links to a landing page for the HD7 and the following features are listed:

  • Features the largest screen available on a Windows Phone smartphone on the market
  • Download and store even more with 16 GB of memory
  • Shoot life on the go with 720p HD video recorder
  • Enjoy hit movies streamed right to your HTC HD7 with Netflix
  • Get grooving to personalized radio stations with Slacker Radio
  • Features best-in-class productivity with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office

If you are a T-Mobile customer, are you looking forward to the HD7 or the Dell Venue Pro more?



  1. SatGuide

    10/21/2010 at 5:59 am

    Wao! that’s great. This mobile is really outstanding. There are multiple features like it can store more than 16 GB of memory, consists of 720p HD video recorder, big screen, radio stations with Slacker Radio, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office and even more wonderful features which makes this phone unique and efficient for their customers.

  2. LienDTK

    01/17/2011 at 4:55 am

    Oh nice, thanks for share!

  3. USB 3G

    02/22/2011 at 3:17 am

    Wow. Do you only look at pictures like a 2nd grader. Read the second paragraph. It starts off as follows…

    In measuring hardware durability…..

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