Tablet PC and Mobile PC Users: Share Your Experiences With Us

We received an email from a high school student last night asking for some help. He’s doing a research paper on Tablet PCs, Mobile PCs, mobility, etc, and could really use our help in collecting some user experience data. This is where you come in.

Please answer the following questions and submit them as a comment to this post. Your help would be greatly appreciated. To sweeten the deal and show how much we want to help this student out, we’ll pick a random winner from all those who submit answers, and award that person a $50 gift certificate to Let’s give this high school student a ton of useful information, k?

Here are the questions:

1)           How long have you been in the mobile device world? A la your experience.
2)           Do you use tablet/mobile devices in your field of work, if so how?
3)           What devices do you use?
4)           Have you had a moment or experience where you thought to yourself ““Dang I’m glad I have <insert device here>”. Explain.
5)           Can you ever see yourself going back to the pre-mobile era?