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Tablet PC and Phone Program Fun



I’ve been playing with some programs over the weekend and would like to do two things: Share and Ask

ergoImage One of the programs I’ve been playing with is Ergo.  Very interesting program that does searching, and is very Tablet PC friendly.  It’s a little slow with loading the thumbnails (Flickr search was fast though), but it’s kind of a cool idea that’s for sure.  I like how it gives a nice view of the results – and there’s also the option of picking from a variety of search providers or even your local machine.  There are also a great feature where you can annotate anything in the search – with text or ink.  I don’t have a touch based Tablet PC, but it sure seems like it would work well on a UMPC or a Tablet PC with touch.  Check it out at, it’s a Beta 2, so tread lightly (but I haven’t had any problems)

shozu The other program is a tool to look for in the coming weeks.  It’s a program called Shozu that allows photos to be uploaded or blogged straight from your phone.  I have the AT&T 8925 running MW6 with a 3 MP camera with the Shozu client running full force.  There are lots of other phones supported as well so check for your phone here.  It’s a very cool tool, and make sure to look for MANY updates on our GottaBeMobile Flickr feed…  I will be uploading photos "on the fly" the whole time we are at CES. 

So my question to you – any interesting programs you have been exploring lately? Cool stuff for your Phone, Tablet PC or Mac??  I found these from some feeds that people have been sharing on Google Reader – that’s a cool tool as well!!  Oh, and one more, if you don’t like iGoogle for your home page??  Check out Pageflakes, I’ve been playing with that one since this morning.

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