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Tablet PC and UMPC community help is needed



I just received this email from Gail Levy of TabletKiosk. My heart sank as I read it. Lets all do what we can to be on the look out for these stolen TabletKiosk Tablet PCs and UMPCs. As Gail says below, scout out eBay, forum classifieds, etc for too good to be true deals.

From Gail:

The Tablet PC and UMPC fan base is often referred to as a community.  This is why I am reaching out to the online Tablet and UMPC fan base so that we can all respond in a unified front.

 On Sunday, February 11, the TabletKiosk warehouse in Torrance, CA was robbed.  The thieves stole a considerable number of Sahara Slate PCs, eo v7110s and eo v7210 units.  

We are working with the police to catch the perpetrators and retrieve the stolen units and are exploring every possible avenue.  This is why we are asking for assistance from the Tablet and UMPC community who often uncover significant information about Tablet PCs and UMPCs online.

The stolen units are both pre-configured and configured units as well as some customers’ personal machines.

If you find information about any eo UMPC or Sahara Slate PCs for sale which seem too good to be true, I would appreciate if you would send the information to my attention.  A reward will be provided for the person who provides us with information leading to the culprit. 

Gail Levy
[email protected]

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