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Tablet PC Docking station: new option on the way?



dtr_stand This one is interesting.  A new Tablet PC docking station created by Adam Ohern looks like a nice option, it’s called the DTR (desktop replacement docking stand).  It looks very appealing on the desk and even comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse, includes speakers as well.  The pricing and availability aren’t told, but if it comes out, I sure would consider getting one!!  Only thing that might hold me back is how much it swivels, if it’s as high as it looks, using it with the pen while docked might be a little hard to do.

What do you guys think?  Are there any other docking stations that look this nice on the desk?  I use one from Rubbermaid that does the trick at the office, but something like this sure would make the desk look better…


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