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Tablet PC Gotcha: Rendering Ink and Image to a Bitmap



Stefan WickStefan Wick has been running a series of Tablet PC development gotchas. Part 5 in the series covers rendering ink and image to a bitmap using Winforms. This will allow you to do the frequently requested feature of writing on a digital photo and having the ink be a persistent part of the image. There are commercially available apps that can do the job, but if you’re interested in a relatively simple Tablet PC inking exercise, this could be a really interesting way to get your feet wet. Stefan has provided sample code and instructions that make this pretty straightforward if you want to  start dabbling in Tablet PC development.

If you’re interested in getting into Tablet PC and ink development, Stefan’s weblog covers a host of pertinent topics, including Silverlight. He includes gotachs, hints, and tips about ways to develop easily for ink enabled applications. Check it out!

via Stefan Wick’s Weblog – Development with Silverlight, WPF and Tablet PC

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