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Tablet PC Ink Support coming to OneNote Mobile and Windows Mobile other apps? Maybe



Thanks to the folks who write the Mobile and Embedded Devices blog, we learn that Windows Mobile 6 contains new support for the Tablet PC Windows Ink Services Platform via WISP Lite, a reduced set of features for PDA and Phone form factors. That means ink stored in the mobile device in the Ink Serialized Format (ISF)  willl be viewable and modifiable in Windows Mobile, which leaves us with hope for ink support in applications like OneNote Mobile and other applications with ISF support on the PC side that sync with Windows Mobile devices.

I’ve got an email in to the OneNote team inquiring about ink support coming to OneNote Mobile.

Checkout the MED blog for some sample C++ code. There is no support for managed code, yet, but the writers at MED are hoping things will change by MEDC 2007.

Thanks to Lora Heiny for the link.

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