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Tablet PC MVP Meetup!




 Ever wonder what happens when you get a group of Tablet PC “experts” together, give them a reason to be rebellious, and ask them if they are hungry?  Well wonder no more, I can tell you exactly what happens.

Tonight at the Global Microsoft MVP Summit occurring this week in Seattle and Redmond, the Tablet PC MVP’s decided to go against the planned itinerary and head out on our own to get a nice dinner and mingle!  Being such a virtual group from around the world, we decided it would just be more fun to take the opportunity to get together on our own and discuss things releveant to us, and I must say it was a most enjoyable time for all.  The topics ranged from the newest and greatest hardware and software, to networking on how to get eval units to cover for all the various readers of all our different blogs and sites!  Lots of great conversation.

Our little group was composed of:

Hugo Ortega, Craig Pringle, Chris Deherrara, Frank La Vigne, Rob Bushway, Josh Einstein, Andrew Brown, Tracy Hooten, Linda Epstein, Lora Heiny, Chris Hassler, James Kendrick, and yours truly, Dennis Rice.

It was an extremely good time over good food, good topics, and both new and old friends.  We all had fun, but also wanted to mention that our good friend Splotch found himself a new mobile computing device, made just the right size for him, courtesy of his new best friend, Mr. Chris Deherarra. For once, Splotch was speechless:


Thanks to all for a nice evening.  Every person out there who reads any of these great blogs or web sites will benefit from the relationships and information shared at this get together.  This group of people is PASSIONATE about what is going on in this space, and it was truly an enjoyable event.  Take the time to click each link above and check out their various sites.  It is a veritable who’s who in Tablet blogs and sites, and makes a mighty nice Tablet PC Blogroll!

More as the MVP Summit continues …

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