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Tablet PC Pens and Styluses InkShow



I don’t know why we have not covered this issue in an InkShow before, but pens and styluses are one of those things that you have to experiment with to find just the right one. Considering how much we interact  on a screen with a pen, issues of comfort, weight, button placement, and eraser head become even more important.

Fortunately, there are a myriad of choices when it comes to active digitizer pens and styluses. In this InkShow, I take a look at the collection of pens and styluses that I’ve accumulated over the years and tell you why I like them so much, and which ones I don’t care for.

Share with us links and descriptions of your favorite digitizer pens and styluses, and stay tuned for another contest for your chance to win the Microsoft stylus I demoed in this InkShow.

  • Watch the InkShow ( 28:08, 154mb, .wmv streaming or direct download)

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    • Digitizer pen demoed retails for $49.95. Out of stock at the moment

    • The cross matrix stylus pen is no longer available ( check ebay ), but Cross sells other stylus pens here

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    • digitizer pen demoed retails for $49.95

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    • digitizer pen demoed retails for $34.99

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    • 2 pack styluses sell for $15.00

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    • 5 pack styluses sell for $29.00

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