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Tablet PC Tech Being Used by Union Telecard



Steve Hoffman just posted about how Union Telecard, one the largest prepaid phone card distributors in the U.S., uses Tablet PC technology combined with Active Ink’s software to process contracts and sales.

Union Telecard, one of the largest distributors of prepaid phone cards in the United States, uses tablet PCs to manage their sales process.  When a sales person meets with a merchant that is interested in reselling Union Telecard’s phone cards, the Active Ink form is displayed on the tablet PC for the merchant to fill out.  When the contract is signed, the form is queued to a printer, where a copy is handed to the merchant and the master copy is emailed to headquarters for further processing.

If we could ever get a handle on the broad use that Tablet PC technology is having throughout the country, I think we’d be astonished. Check out Steve’s other article on how an auto body shop uses tablet pc technology to process their 36 point inspection program.

Where have you seen Tablet PC tech being used that caused you to do a double-take?

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