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Tablet PCs and Lawyers



Legal-requirementsLincoln Miller writes for on how he uses his Tablet PC in his legal practice. Here’s a quick excerpt:

It’s not uncommon to e-mail a client a handwritten to-do list during a client conference, so the client doesn’t have to worry about taking notes as we discuss matters. While clients enjoy seeing the tablet, they also appreciate the behind-the-scenes efficiency it produces.

Long ago, I decided not to screen incoming calls. In my pre-tablet days, that practice left me disorganized. Often I couldn’t immediately locate the file for the matter my client wished to discuss. On occasion, after I took notes, the notes would not get placed immediately into the client file (assuming they made it there).

Now, when I receive calls I can immediately pull up my notes (whether handwritten or typed) because they’re stored in OneNote. The ability to navigate from page to page is quick and simple. By the time I’ve exchanged pleasantries with my client, my notes are on the monitor before me. My clients aren’t waiting for me to locate the physical file or reminding me about what we just discussed a week ago.


He cites other great practical examples of how he uses a Tablet PC (in his case a Motion LE1600) to serve his clients. Well worth a read.

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