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Tablet PC’s and NASCAR Testing



Off line I like to watch NASCAR races, and even though I am not a Ryan Newman fan, I’ll still go ahead and post this up :)

JK points to a photo of Ryan Newman sitting in his car during some testing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Being an Indy native, I’ve seen Tablet PC’s being used around the pits during Indy Car races, but never had a chance to take any pictures of them.  Next time the Sprint Cup Series (not sure I like the name changes for next year – if that ‘rumor’ is true – not to mention no more Bush – and no more Bud sponsor, but still the Bud shootout  – OK, back to Tablet PC’s, Sorry) comes into town for the Brickyard, I’ll have to see if I can snap any pictures of some Tablet PC’s in action.

Photo Link – cannot be posted because of Copyright.

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