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Tablet PCs and Real Estate



Missy Caulk is a real estate broker who uses a Tablet PC in her work. She’s written about it in an industry trade journal, the Inman News where she describes some of her favorite tech tools in her Tablet PC arsenal. Here’s an excerpt:

In October of 2005, I purchased a Tablet PC. I chose the Motion Computer because of the long battery life. I can recharge with my keyboard at night and go all day without having to return to the office.

I use a data modem card with it so I can log on anywhere. No more running to Starbucks or elsewhere to log on.

This has increased my business productivity in many ways. When I am out with clients in the car and we pass a house that was not on their list of homes to view and they ask, “Why wasn’t this house on the tour?” or “Wonder how much that house is?” I can pull over (yes, I pull over), log onto the MLS and show them. Since the screen is bigger we can see the entire listing and don’t have to look at the small amount of data we would see on a smart phone.

Onenote, by Microsoft, is included in the software and this is where it really gets exciting and easy. I go on listing appointments and walk through the house taking notes in my own handwriting and it saves it under the address and seller’s name. Then when I am doing the CMA, all the notes are right there. No more spiral notebooks. I can then e-mail the notes to my desktop to have them right in front of me.

Interesting note at the end of the article. She says clients are so impressed she thinks she could have also been a distributor for Tablet PCs. You can check out the full article here.

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