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Tablet PCs And St. Ursula Freshmen



UrsulaThe Cincinnati Enquirer is spotlightng the new freshmen class at St. Ursula Academy and their new Tablet PCs. The classrooms are using DyKnow’s web-based shared notetaking software. Compare these quotes with information mentioned in this recent post.

All 175 freshmen are working on tablet PC computers, which have pen-based technology. Students will have little or no need for paper, pens and pencils. Textbooks will be online, too.

“I love it,” said Maria Duffy, 15, of Eastgate. “It’s going to be way lighter than the books. I used to carry around a ton of books.”

And this:

“It’s a tablet world now,” said Joe Hofmeister, director of technology at Cincinnati Country Day and a consultant to schools around the country.

“We went to tablets because of the increased functionality. … The pen that goes with the tablet is a creative instrument. The keyboard is a productivity instrument.

Check out the full article here.

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