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Tablet PCs As Part Of The Arsenal For Child Protective Services



Rob recently posted an article with a link to a CBS program discussing the Texas Child Protective Services using Tablet PCs in their important social work. Now comes another article from (My San Antonio) highlighting how these agents use Tablet PCs in their work and how this program is being rolled out state-wide.

“The tablet PC is a key component to improving CPS in Texas,” said Joyce James, Department of Family and Protective Services’ assistant commissioner for Child Protective Services. “This tool will enhance the mobility of our caseworkers and their ability to respond to the needs of children and families.”

It looks like a major rollout of 3,000 Tablet PCs over the next three months state-wide in Texas and training has already begun, so that all of the Tablet PCs should be in use by October. This will be worth following to see how the Tablet PCs aid the job at hand.


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