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Tablet PCs at American School of Bombay



bottom_logo As we all would love to see Tablet PC’s become even more prominent in education, we like to see reports where things are actually being implemented in large numbers. 

Handheld computing defines the current wave in the evolution of technology. It symbolizes the idea of anytime/anywhere learning and has changed the face of the world of business, medicine, and other professions. In our endeavor to prepare our students for the increasingly technological world we have made a commitment to personal computing and the integration of handheld computing in our classrooms. Tablet PCs extend the possibilities of notebook computers and provide the power of a notebook in hand-held form. No functionality of a notebook computing device is lost. On the other hand, the Tablet PC adds an important set of functions without detracting from the common laptop paradigm.

The Tablet PC Education Blog (VIA – Lora)has the scoop and the links.

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