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Tablet PCs at Duke University



Duke_logo_sectionDuke’s iPod project has gotten a lot of press as they take further steps at integrating them into their classes and learning system.

In this article, from DukeNews, Duke is also implementing a Tablet PC pilot program. Their program is currently loaner based to give students and faculty an opportunity to experiment and see how Tablet PCs could fit in to their environment. The article does not indicate what Tablet PCs they are offering. Any GBM Duke readers out there that can find out for us?

While the iPods likely are the most well-known digital devices being used in Duke classrooms, they are by no means the only ones the DDI is pursuing.

According to Earp, “The other DDI programs are in pilot phases, and those plans are being finalized for the fall term.” Those include student video production and tablet PC use, among others. Two chemistry courses are participating in the Tablet PC semester loaner program.

“CIT is also offering a short-term faculty loaner program for four weeks for faculty who just want to check out a tablet and see how that would work for them,” Earp said. Several faculty members have expressed interest in the short-term loans, she added.

via Duke News

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