Tablet PC’s at the Doctors Office

image How can you get a teen to tell the Doctor what is really going on?  Give them a Tablet PC to answer the tough questions!  Check out this link to see a very innovative way the Motion C5 is being used.

The C5 was featured in a Today Show segment about Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where teenagers are using the slate tablet PC to digitally fill out a questionnaire about their health and behaviors (including drug use and sexual history) while in the doctor’s office. 

Because teenagers do not feel comfortable discussing these topics out loud with a doctor, especially with a parent in the room, they often fail to bring up issues that doctors need to know.  Technology is a very familiar medium for this generation, so the option to fill out a questionnaire on the touch-screen tablet vs. an uncomfortable conversation gives them a sense of security and privacy.  And when they can provide honest answers, doctors are able to improve their quality of care. 

Check out the video on MSNBC

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