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Tablet PCs Headed to Circuit City: For Sales Floor Assistance



Finding a Tablet PC in any big box store can be a tricky proposition. Although we have seen some improvements there. Finding a box box store employee who knows how to use one or demonstrate one can be equally tricky. But it looks like some employees in some Circuit City stores will be a bit more experienced in the future. Circuit City is rolling out a new smaller store concept that will use among other things in-store kiosks for customer assistance, and Tablet PCs.

In addition to the kiosks, the retailer will also arm employees with new wireless “tablet PCs.” Schoonover said the tablet PCs act as a “guided selling tool” to help employees to better understand customers’ needs and help decide on product choices – what type of flat screen TV they want, for example.

Using the PC tablet, employees can quickly sketch a sample diagram of the customer’s living room and enter specifics such as size of the room and height of the walls. Based on other variables such as brand preference and price, employees can then recommend the best options for the customer.

So the question becomes, with sales staff armed with Tablet PCs, will we Circuity City selling Tablet PCs with any more consistency?

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