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Tablet PCs Help REO Speedwagon Rock!



Linda Epstein at got the scoop on Tablet PCs in action at an REO Speedwagon concert featuring Rick Springfield. Speedwagon and Springfield may not be what the kids today consider “rock” but their use of tablets is definitely rocking.

The concert was at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Her first sighting seems a little iffy to me. Could just be a monitor. But the second sighting is definitely a convertible Tablet PC next to a Macbook. Would be nice to see the equipment actively being used, but I guess the engineers do all the set-up in rehearsal and let the computers manage everything from there. Either that or they’re on a union break.

If you’re interested, REO Speedwagon is releasing a 30th Anniversary edition of their big album Hi Infidelity on July 19th. Rick Springfield, of course, is famous for playing Dr. Noah Drake on the soap opera General Hospital. He also recorded a hit song about coveting thy neighbor’s wife.

For larger images, another shot of the convertible, and a clip of the Springfield performing “Jessie’s Girl”, please click over to

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