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Tablet PCs in Education Case Studies


on has an outstanding list of case studies that document schools using Tablet PCs in a variety of settings.  These case studies provide in-depth looks at how students, teachers, administrators, and parents are benefiting from the use of Tablet PCs as integral parts of the curriculum.  The studies are organized by the companies involved and the participating schools.  Many of the case studies discuss DyKnow Monitor and DyKnow Vision, two software packages for teacher-student collaboration and management.  As an educator who has used similar management software, there is no greater feeling when you catch a few kids playing a game on Miniclip and lock their computers.  It makes you feel that there is justice in the universe after all.

I agree with Kenneth Collura who writes in his article, “The bottom line is that technology is serving the specific needs of individual students. Each can choose to learn where, when, and how s/he wants. I believe the Tablet PC will play a profound role in education, and the ability to use this and other technologies will be critical as students enter the workforce.”

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