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Tablet PCs in Education



Melissa Chotiner contributes to a Blackboard blog and wrote a really good article on Tablet PCs and education. In the article, she points to a research project they participated in, interviews Brad Baldwin, of Agilix , and also points to . She pulls some really good quotes from one of Tracy’s articles about how she integrates a tablet pc into her educational experience. Some really good info here if you are interested in tablet pcs, ultra-mobile pcs, and education.

Tracey: “I’m so passionate about tablets because it’s one of those rare occasions where you find the perfect solution to a problem. Keeping organized for school use to take a lot of time and effort. I use to spend hours organizing my binders and keeping everything neat and tidy to satisfy the perfectionist in me and make things easy to find when I was studying. Now it’s just a simple matter of saving files in the right place. The software and hardware aren’t perfect yet obviously, but the idea of going digital with everything is. When everything you need at any point in any class is right there with you and organized…now that’s just efficient.

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