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Tablet PCs in Field Geology



Brimhall2This looks like a really fascinating use of Tablet PCs for geological mapping that allows them to leap into the digital age. Here’s a snippet from an article, Mapping the Future of Field Geology.

Today’s field scientists use paper topographic maps and a box of colored pencils,” says Brimhall, professor of geology in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science. “They’re using technology from the second grade to map complex problems in geology of great importance to society.”

GeoMapper is used to create these maps in the field. Of course, data capture is just one of the benefits of the portable mapping system. The technology isn’t just for making digital maps, but accessing them as well.

“You can load satellite images, detailed topographic maps, and field data onto the tablet PC so you can view a huge amount of 3D geospatial information while you’re outside,” Brimhall says. “This brings information to the geologists when they need it, out in the natural environment, not just when you’re sitting at your computer back in the office.”

Via RobiNZ CAD Blog

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