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Tablet PCs Protect National Security



State Police with Tablet PC

Well, maybe the Tablet PCs aren’t directly protecting national security, but indirectly, in a totally different type of GottaBeSecure way, this is a prime example of how Tablet PCs can improve work flow.

The Maryland State Police have identified more than 150 potential terrorist targets that they check regularly for possible problems. Maryland State Police Sergeant Don Teasedale decided that there had to be a better way than filling out endless paper forms. Enter the Tablet PC.

By preinstalling important data into the Tablet PC, including red lines to indicate the identified threat points, the MSP is standardizing how their officers check for threats. This reduces time and increases efficiency, both key to the overall reduction of the threat to security.

The original article from has a video that shows the officers in action. They’re obviously using a touch screen Tablet PC, but it’s hard to tell what brand.   They are using touch screen Sahara Slate PCs from TabletKiosk. (Thanks Gail!)

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