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TabletKiosk announces the MP3400 Powerbank



Img_mp3400_generalBattery power and going mobile go hand-in-hand, so it is a good thing to see TabletKiosk come to market with an 8 – 10 hour Powerbank that will also charge the internal battery of your mobile device (less than 65 watts). The MP3400 will power tablet pcs, ultra-mobile pcs, dvd players, camera, phones, etc, and comes with its’ own carrying case, and 8 tips.

The MP3400 is available for $159 and can be ordered from  and is shipping within seven days. This looks to be a great price, especially when compared to’s Portable Power Station. Although the PPS supplies power for up to 20 hours, it also sells for $399. So far, I’ve not used my PPS for more than 8 – 10 hours at a time, so the new TabletKiosk Powerbank looks like it will provide mobile users with a cost-sensitive option. I’ve got an email in to TabletKiosk to find out if their charging cable supports the iGo tips. I’ll update this post when I learn more.

Here is some more info on the MP3400 from TabletKiosks site:

The Powerbank is a universal, rechargeable battery pack can be used to power the Sahara line of Tablet PCs, the eo™ line of UMPCs, and many other portable, electronic devices. To use, simply connect MP3400 to your Sahara Slate PC®, eo™ UMPC, portable DVD player, digital camera, digital camcorder, PDA, mobile phone, or other portable device. The MP3400 will supply power to extend their normal working time, and as an added bonus, will also charge the internal battery provided the battery requires less than 65W (output 19V/3.5A) of power.

Portable as well as powerful, the Powerbank MP3400 goes where ever you go! Just slip the MP3400 into its included leather case and attach it onto your belt, or just toss it into your briefcase or backpack – it’s that lightweight.

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