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TabletKiosk eo i7300 UMPC Expected to Ship Q1 2009



At CES 2008, we brought you some of the first news about TabletKiosk’s new eo i7300 Ultra-Mobile PC. As many might have noticed, the new eo has been noticeably absent from TabletKiosk’s site. I contacted TabletKiosk’s Gaily Levy to get the latest on when we might expect this new modular-based UMPC.

For the eo i7300, we expect to begin shipping in Q1 of 2009.  Based on customer feedback, we’ve been changing the design  and the way that the interchangeable modules fit together.  We’ve also been working with our engineers to create a design that is patentable    

Chances are that at CES 2009 you are going to see a near final version of the product that will knock your socks off. 

Let’s hope the new eo does begin shipping in Q1 2009. The modular design looks really promising.  With all the focus on Netbooks and Ultra-Portables, the UMPC space has been noticeably quiet lately and is in desperate need of some fresh blood, with some noticeable exceptions like new entries from Panasonic


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