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TabletKiosk eo Video Review



— Rob Bushway

My kids like calling it ““the Origami” and ““the Oreo”, my son says it feels just like a PSP or Gameboy, others refer to it as a UMPC or Ultra Mobile PC — whatever it is we name it, it is obvious that Microsoft and Intel have isolated a real ““personal” niche. TabletKiosks eo is our real first look at this new form factor and the ““Origami experience”. Please use this video review and my ““initial thoughts” post as a total review on the TabletKiosk eo and the Origami experience.

In this video review of TabletKiosk’s eo, I take a look at the eo itself, showing my kids interaction with it, an interview with my 11 year old son Dax, overview of the eo, size comparisons with the LS800, software screenshots, handwriting demonstration, resolution demonstration, DialKeys demonstration, and then some closing thoughts. The things that I didn’t mention are covered in the ““initial thoughts” post, and if I didn’t cover your particular question or needs, post a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them. I tried encoding this video as a .wmv, but the formatting of the video just never measured up to a quality I was pleased with, so I chose to stick with the embedded Flash Video format.

Things that I didn’t cover in the video:

  • Screen rotation is not implemented in the eo — I tried it and it does not work. To be honest, I didn’t miss it and would probably find the experience miserable due to screen real estate issues anyway. The only value I see in portrait with this form factor would be in book reading.
  • I ran out of time to get some outside shot comparisons between the LS800 and the eo. I will tell you that the screen is very nice, but in direct sunlight, it is not viewable. That said, the LS800 VA in direct sunlight is not too viewable either.
  • I had to revert to screen shots verses Camtasia screen recordings for some of the software demos due to some issues with merging multiple avi files together in our current editing software. In addition, the mic on the prototype eo wasn’t working, so that compounded the issue. For the most part, the screen shots captured what I wanted to communicate anyway.


  • Watch the Video Review (24 minutes, 54mb, Flash Video)
  • Read my Initial Thoughts for items not covered in the video
  • Visit the TabletKiosk website
  • Visit

Base Pricing:

  • eo VIA 1 ghz processor, 256mb ram, 30 gb (4200 rpm) harddrive, 120 gram digitizer Ã¢â‚¬” $899.
  • April only special: 512mb ram, 40 gb (5400 rpm) harddrive, 120 gram digitizer Ã¢â‚¬” $999
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