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TabletKiosk Gets a Casting Role



What’s better than a Tablet PC? A Tablet PC that gets a lot of eye balls!

TabletKiosk’s Gail Levy just let us know that their Sahara Tablet PC and eo TuffTab was used quite extensively in CSI New York, making its debut on the show this past Wednesday. Tune in and let’s play spot the eo.

Post your spottings in our TK forum!

Last Wednesday night, the eo TufTab made its debut on CSI NY, playing a supporting role for the Sahara which has already been prominently featured on the popular show. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Sahara and eo TufTab were supposed to be used for the entire season, but due to the shutdown from the writer’s strike, the show stopped filming four months ago.

CSI Sahara Tablet PC

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