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TabletKiosk: Ideas Needed on Showcasing Tablet PC Accessories



TabletKiosk’s Gail Levy is looking for some ideas from the tablet community on how to best show their slate Tablet PC accessories:

This morning, I had a fun conversation with a customer who wanted to know how TabletKiosk differentiates the Sahara Slate Tablet PC from competing slate Tablet PCs.

Of course, I mentioned key features like the dual mode touch/pen screen, outdoor viewable screen and the new battery options, but to my surprise, the customer was most excited about our options for docking and mounting.

This made me start thinking that I need to do a better job with our website and marketing materials to explain the flexibility, portability and mounting options available.

….I’d love to hear suggestions from tablet users of the most effective ways to show the features and benefits of tablet accessories?

What do you all think? What’s the best way to demo accessories?

I can think of three ways right off the bat: 1) show the mounting kits in use among various types of scenarios: cars, hospitals, etc. 2) For docking stuff, get into an office, follow a mobile person around and see how they use the stand, the usb keyboard, etc. Get them on film and showcase them. Make them short and sweet. 3) Run a contest and get folks to submit their own videos, YouTube style.

Head over to TabletKiosk’s Mobility Matters blog and post your ideas, or leave them here, too.


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