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TabletPC2 has a Toshiba R400 Tablet PC review posted



R400Outside2 Looks like Linda has recovered from the Pink Floyd experience and has posted up a nice review of the Toshiba R400 Tablet PC.  There are some great photos and close up pictures of the Tablet PC in the review!

The Toshiba R400 is not the fastest Tablet PC on the block, but it is the most elegant and sophisticated and it does have the best display I have ever seen on a Tablet PC.   The ink experience is excellent and it’s a pleasure to use.   In a world where first impressions are important, The Portégé R400 is one of my all time favorite Tablet PCs.

The R400 is not for everyone, It’s not intended to be.    The Toshiba Portégé R400 Tablet PC is for those who are confident enough in their life not to have the need to to boast about how much power they have.    It’s for those who appreciate elegance, style and sophistication.   For Those who want to make an impression when they walk into a room. It is an is excellent choice the busy professional who wants a Tablet PC that is a reflection of who they are. 

I think we’re spoiled with the dual core processors cause the Core solo 1.2 processor doesn’t sound that good to me…. especially in a device this big!

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