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Hardware Reviews the Amtek T770 UMPC


on’s MiniMage has written a pretty thorough review of the Amtek T770 UMPC. With the following specs, this should be a UMPC on everyone’s short list:

• 1.2GHZ VIA C7M NaNo Processor
• 40GB hard drive
• 7″ touch screen, native 800×480 resolution with 800×600 and 1024×600 emulation
• 802.11b/g wireless
• built-in USB Bluetooth
• 2400mAh battery
• Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

MiniMage’s conclusion:

There’s a lot about the Amtek T770 that was done right. It feels good in the hands and is generally quite responsive when using most applications, whether it is reading mail in Outlook, researching a problem on the web, or viewing and editing documents, and it gets along very well with Microsoft’s newest generation of client operating systems. It does a pretty good job of not sacrificing ability for portability, however, the issue of standard battery life keeps it from doing a great job; fortunately, there is an extended battery option available. For now, potential owners will need to prefer performance over quick note-jotting and responsiveness of the passive digitizer over the ability to ignore an accidental brush of a digit. Those who need to be able to access resources on company domains will need to consider that this may not be possible without installing a version of the OS that did not come with the device.

Well done, MiniMage.

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