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Take A Walk On The Wild Side: An Audio InkShow Interview With DemoMobile Founder Jim Forbes



So, what do organic gardening, mobile technology, coyotes, Tablet PCs, and some wild and crazy conversation have in common? Jim Forbes, that’s what. Recently, I’ve been noticing some very perceptive posts about Tablet PCs and mobile technology on Jim Forbes’ blog, Forbes on Tech, and it prompted me to invite him for an Audio InkShow chat. I’m glad he agreed. Jim, may be retired now and living in San Diego, but he is certainly not shy and retiring when it comes to giving his opinions.

Jim_and_the_kubotaJim is the founding producer of DemoMobile, and was the editor of the award-winning Demo and DemoWeek newsletters, as well as Sr. Editor with InfoWorld, PCWeek and other publications. He brings a fascinating and varied tech journalist background to the table, and he has a very interesting spin on today’s tech journalists and some of the weaknesses we see (and complain about) in their coverage.

He says he follows mobile technology very closely. Not only does he follow it, he lives it, and he makes a few, what some would say, pretty outrageous and free-wheeling predictions about what is needed in the mobile technology sector, and with Tablet PCs in particular. Example: How much video memory do you think a Tablet PC will need to run Aero Glass? 256K? 512K? Give a listen for Jim’s thoughts. Now whether or not you might agree or laugh at Jim’s ““out there” statements, take a good look below the topsoil for some intriguing thinking on why things don’t seem to be blooming just right. We may meander down the garden path a bit in this Audio InkShow, but I’m guessing you’ll certainly find this Audio InkShow entertaining. I know I did.

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