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How to Take Charge of your iPhone Music



The iPhone is the best way for many users to listen to music. Apple makes it easy to control your music on the iPhone, but all the shortcuts aren’t easy to find.

This guide will show iPhone owners how to control music from the iPhone lock screen and multitasking bar to quickly skip tracks or pause music. It also covers, how to create a new iTunes playlist on the iPhone without plugging into the computer and how to fast forward or rewind a track without opening up the Music app.

We’ll even show you how to recover all the iTunes songs you bought before you switched to streaming services, though we can’t improve your taste in tunes.

All control shortcuts work with apps like Pandora, Spotify and others, so you can pause and skip tracks without unlocking the iPhone.

How to Control Music from the iPhone Lock Screen

When you have music already playing or would like to start listening to some Double Tap on the home button to pull up these controls in the lock screen.

Home Screen Music Controls

With these controls you can adjust the volume by dragging the slider left and right, start a song from the beginning with the back arrow or skip ahead in your playlist with the forward arrow, and you can also play and pause your music.

How to Control Music from the Multitasking Bar

Many of us use multitasking to quickly switch in between apps on our iPhone, but there is also a hidden shortcut for you to take handle of your music from.

Double tap on the home button from the home screen and you will see the multitasking bar as shown below.

Multitasking Bar

With a swipe left to right in the multitasking bar you see this menu.

Multitasking Music Control

You can do the same things as you can do in the lock screen except for change the volume. But by tapping on the music icon that is placed on the right you can jump into the music application from the Multitasking bar. When playing Pandora or another music app, that app will show here.

How to Create a New Playlist on your iPhone

You can create a new playlist from your iPhone in a few simple steps.

Tap on Music.


Tap Playlists.


Towards the top of the screen Click on Add Playlist.

Add Playlist

Name the Playlist and press Save.

Naming the Playlist

On the next screen you can choose which songs you would like to included into your playlist and then press Done.

Add Songs

How to Recover Old iTunes Music 

With iTunes they allow you to recover your old purchases if you have lost them in some way.

To do this Tap on iTunes.


Then Tap Purchased.

Purchased Content

Choose what you would like to restore.

Music, Movies, Tv Shows

Once you have done that choose your music, movies or tv shows that you do not have on your iPhone and download them again.

Download Music

How to Fast forward and Rewind Music on the iPhone

In the music app you can fast forward to your favorite part of the song or rewind to a specific point. This can be quite handy if the song is fairly long or if you only like a certain segment of the song.

To do this Tap once on the Album art.

The bar that shows the tracks time will display. Next Tap and hold on the small circle. By moving this forward or backward you can fast forward or rewind the track.

High-Speed Scrubbing

Adjust the speed of your scrubbing.

To change how fast you are fast forwarding or rewinding Tap and hold on the small circle and then slide your finger down the screen.

Half-Speed Scrubbing

The text should change from Hi-Speed Scrubbing to Half Speed Scrubbing once you see this slide back and forth across your screen just like before but now you have more control over how fast you fast forward or rewind your music.

If you keep sliding down you will see these other speeds of scrubbing as well.

Quarter Speed Scrubbing
Fine Scrubbing

So there you have it a roundup of 5 major tips and tricks to getting your iPhone’s music under control.

What are some of your favorite tips for listening to music on your iPhone?



  1. nikcanon

    08/05/2012 at 10:46 am

  2. John Wakeboarder

    08/05/2012 at 1:00 pm

    Great post, love this blog… Thank you :)

  3. Tushar Agarwal

    08/06/2012 at 7:22 pm

    The iPhone Music app is very simple but creating playlists and then adding songs to it is much easier with iTunes.

  4. charles herr

    11/11/2012 at 8:27 pm

    Thanks so much! I couldn’t figure out how to fast forward or rewind through a lengthy recording (I listen to recordings of long teleconference calls and like to return to a spot where I stopped listening or move back to something I want to hear again). I had pressed the album image, but did not think to tap it.

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