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Take iPad Photos Easier With One Flick – Quick Tip



On top of delivering poor quality photos, the iPad’s camera is a pain to use because Apple placed the shutter button in the middle of the device while in Landscape mode. Stretch no more. A simple flip of the orientation lock switch can solve this problem.

ipad camera hard to use

The shutter button is hard to press in landscape mode.

It is a pain to stretch for the center of the iPad after you set up your shot, which leads to instability angled photos or a missed shots. Instead of trying to reach for the horribly placed shutter button, use the orientation lock to move the button to the right side, where it is easy to press.

Place your iPad in portrait mode, flip the orientation lock, turn your iPad to landscape mode and viola. You can easily snap pictures. The on-screen icons even orient correctly, which leads us to believe that this is not just a happy accident, but the way Apple intended the camera to work in landscape.

ipad camera easy to use

Lock the iPad orientation for an easy to reach shutter button.

Even with this easier way to take photographs on your iPad, there are so many better devices for capturing a moment; your cell phone, a point and shoot…even a mental snapshot is better than the pixellated pics you get from the iPad 2’s pathetic camera. If you plan to take pictures, take along a half decent camera; most of us already have one in our pocket anyway.

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