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Taking It On The Chin With The Devices We Love



Ouch. And a bit of humor. A couple of posts in the blogosphere lately aiming darts at Tablet PCs and UMPCs.

Yesterday’s news about the release of the Origami optimized version of Microsoft Reader brought a snarky comment and this headline from the Engadget wannabe CrunchGear: Microsoft Reader Optimized for Origami, All Five Origami Lovers Rejoice. 

And another favorite whipping boy in mobile computing, Microsoft Speech Recognition, took another video smackdown this time from the Fake Steve Jobs blog, which posted up a video of a developer trying to code in PERL using speech. While this may or not be real, we’ve seen failed speech recognition videos before and, as always, this gets pretty funny at times with the developer either chosing to ignore, or getting so frustrated that he ignores, the command structure. (Warning: the video contains some explicit language.)

Ah, the passion. Ah, the ignorance of the unitiated. Oh, the humanity.



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