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Taking note of taking notes – now a OneNote user



I’ve officially switched over from GoBinder to OneNote 12 beta for my free form notetaking and storage of printed documents. In addition, when I need to do free form notetaking within MindManager, I create a hyperlink from a topic to the OneNote section where I am storing that note.

I’ve printed all of my GoBinder notes into OneNote 12 — note that GoBinder 2006 currently has a bug printing to OneNote 12 using the MDI option, so I printed them using GoBinder 2005. I’m also in the process of printing all of my Bible stuff into OneNote 12. All of my books and Bibles will be available for OneNote 12 within a month or so of OneNote 12 going in to public beta.

The main reasons for making the jump are as follows:

1) I can’t talk about features of OneNote 12 beta, but suffice it to say it is really stable. You can read Chris Pratley’s blog for more info.

2) I really like doing all of my project planning and task management within MindManager. However, the free form noteaking in MindManager leaves a lot to be desired. I can, however, link to individual OneNote sections. Because everything in GoBinder is stored in a single database, I can’t link from MindManager topics to anything within GoBinder. Having that ability to have file level access to my notes is very important now.

3) Note flag summaries are in OneNote 2003 and 12, not in GoBinder 2006.

4) linking internally to other notes ( a great feature!!!!)

I’ll still support all of my Bible text in GoBinder 2005, 2006 and future releases. In fact, I’m working on something with Agilix that will make it even easier to implement. I can’t, however, use GoBinder on a day to day basis any longer. The way I work has changed over the past year, and GoBinder no longer fits.

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