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Talk To Lenovo – Are They Leading The Way or Following?



Several years ago,  Lenovo entered the Tablet PC space with the X41 and totally turned things upside down. Taking their popular Thinkpad models and making them available as a Tablet PC, finally created some real competition in the corporate and education space. For the first time, Tablets began to make inroads in to the IT buying world. They then released the X60 / X61 Tablet PC, being the first to  bring touch and active pen support to a convertible tablet pc. In my opinion, Lenovo’s entrance is what forced Dell to come up with a Tablet PC offering, and that is certainly a good thing for competition and choice.

Have you been impressed with what Lenovo has done so far in the tablet pc space? If not, where are they dropping the ball and not living up to expectations? Are they setting the bar for other OEMs or are they just a follower? Are they merely meeting your expectations or are they exceeding them? What could Lenovo do to make you or your business seriously consider their Tablet PC or mobile pc offerings? What do you think of their consumer friendly IdeaPad U110 UltraPortable? Why not a consumer friendly tablet? Is this a good direction for them?

Share your thoughts. I can guarantee you that Lenovo will be reading them.



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