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Talk To OQO – Help Take Them To The Next Level



OQO is known as the king of ultra-portability with their Model 02 Tablet PC. It is pocketable, wearable, inkable, thumbable, dockable, and ultra-small.

What can OQO do to improve their products? What are they doing right and where are they falling below expectations? Are there clear open opportunities that OQO should take advantage of? How is their customer service and product quality standing up? If you are not a OQO customer, what could they do to make you a customer?

My opinions: OQO should take a clear lead in the 8.9″ market left open by Motion Computing, and develop what we are all asking for: active digitizer support in the ultra-portable space. If there is a company poised to do it well, it would be OQO.

As far as their current model: give us capactive touch, front / back webcams, SD support, increased RAM support, and continue balancing performance with battery life.

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