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Talking Touch with Flixter Founder



Flixter is an incredibly popular community that revolves around movies. Flixter’s iPhone app has been. and one that I use on a regular basis. Flixter’s Android and Blackberry applications are doing very well

I got a chance to chat with Flixter co-founder Joe Greenstein at the Mobilize 09 conference yesterday. We started chatting about how people interact with Flixter on mobile devices compared to desktop web browsers.

He said users are much more engaged on Flixter’s mobile applications.

“The usage is different. People on the iPhone are much more engaged than on,” Greenstein said.

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We talked about Windows 7 and how many touch-enabled PCs will be released in the coming weeks. He said that Flixter will likely build a custom experience for those devices and other developers may follow suit.

“I think we’re going to see a kind of a revolution of how people build software for these kind of devices.” Greenstein said. “Once people make those adjustments you’ll see people building things that act more like iPhone apllications for a touch PC than they do websites.”

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