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Tango X Adds Touch to NanoBook Design



We got a chance to see the NanoBook reference design for ultraportables at CES, including the tote along removable Skype phone. The Tango X from Sungjut follows that design spec, but is adding a Touch Screen, and an intriguing way to handle some of the complaints about a screen that doesn’t fold down or flip over. Apparently, as you can see from this picture (and others scattered all over the web this morning) the Tango X will do a different type of rotation as it looks like you lay the screen flat on a surface if you want to use a stylus. Although, I’m guessing that it is just a passive touch screen which probably won’t yield that positive of an inking experience.


At any rate, Tablet PCs, UMPCs, and small devices are known to catch an eye or two in public places. Imagine what folks would say if they walked by your table and saw you working with this device and your keyboard upright in the air.

Via UMPCPortal

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