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Targus Vuscape Review: Great looking Case and Stand for the New iPad



The Targus Vuscape Case and Stand adds a touch of class to the new iPad 3rd generation. The Vuscape bests the ordinary folio style design of so many iPad cases with a more functional accessory for the inking iPad user. I like that it has a good balance between style and function.

An ordinary folio style iPad case doesn’t get me excited, but the Vuscape looks great, feels nice when held, doesn’t add much weight or bulk to the iPad and provides functionality not typically found in a lighter form-factor case.

The Vuscape includes a stand function, a loop for a Stylus, water-resistant material that cleans up easily and the magnetic on/off switch.


  • Looks nice
  • Water resistant material easy to clean
  • Feels good with soft outer cover
  • Includes a loop for stylus
  • Extras like stand, magnets for on/off feature

  • Clasps holding iPad in the case hard to undo to use in stand mode
  • Loop for stylus in awkward place
  • Loop too narrow for thicker styli

Targus Vuscape iPad Case and Stand

A Great Case

The Vuscape comes in four colors – black, bone/white, charcoal gray and calypso, a pink color. The outer cover protects the iPad from short drops and is water-resistant, making cleaning a breeze.

The inner microfiber lining won’t scratch the iPad’s screen or the soft aluminum Apple uses to house their electronics.

Targus Vuscape Cutouts

The case has openings for all the buttons and ports. The Apple logo is visible through the circular cutout on the back of the case. A clasp on the cover holds the cover closed. There’s also get the magnetic on/off switch.

The case’s hard shell holds the iPad at six spots – four corners and two more on the shorter edges of the iPad. The two clasps closest to the cover will come loose so to can pop the iPad out and use the case as a stand. They do a good job of holding the iPad. In fact getting these two looser clasps to release the iPad is a challenge, one of my few complaints.

A Useful Stand

Targus Vuscape Clasps

The case turns into a stand by popping two corners off. The inside of the cover has two ridges where the iPad rests to hold it at the sharper angles. The Vuscape case allows users to rest the iPad on the cover for a very low angle comfortable for typing.

The iPad wobbles a bit at the highest angle. It’s better for viewing content than for interacting with the iPad since a tap could knock the screen over.

Good for Inking iPad Users

Targus Vuscape Stylus Loop in wrong place

Targus put a loop on the front cover that holds a stylus in place. I like using a stylus with my iPad, so I’m glad they thought of it. I just wish they chose a different place. When open the, the stylus gets in the way (see below). The case can’t lay the cover flat on a table or desk with the stylus in place. I suppose they assume users will always take out the stylus to use it while in stand mode, but I don’t always use the stylus when in stand mode and wouldn’t remove it if it weren’t in this awkward spot. Also, the loop is a bit narrow for the company’s Targus 3-in-1 Stylus.

Targus Vuscape Stylus Loop makes using the case as a stand awkward

Cost and Recommendation

The Vuscape costs $44.99 when purchased at retail or directly form Targus. The case is also $40.73 in black at Amazon. The bone/white case costs $37.72. The calypso (pink) costs the full $44.99 even at Amazon. The charcoal gray case costs $39.99. Just click the previous link and change the color option.

I really like this case and plan to keep it on my iPad replacing my Apple Smart Cover and the Youbao case I was using. I think anyone who wants a high-quality stand case and uses a stylus regularly, will enjoy this case.



  1. Bwbotkin

    04/06/2012 at 6:35 pm

    The magnetic on off feature does not work on my iPad 3rd gen with this case.

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