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Task Tracking In Outlook, My Current Process – Part 1 of 2



Trying to keep all my e-mails during the day straight is sometimes a chore, and the biggest part of that is making sure some of the requests get done before I forget about them…

This is what I am currently doing – I do have a new process I am going to try, but I will post that up after about a week of trying the new system.  What do others use?  OneNote and Outlook?  Am I missing a great tool??  This process works in tablet mode or laptop mode with the help of TEO.

1. I have added a button to the Quick Access Toolbar that will allow me to ‘copy to folder’ – I do a copy because I still want the e-mail to be in my Inbox


2. Then I choose the folder for ‘Tasks’


3. After that, I put in the Title and when the task is to be completed


So there you have it – my simple way to make a task out of an e-mail…  I will sometimes just do a drag and drop, but I already have the e-mail open most of the time – say form a reply or fwd.  And since I have a Windows Mobile phone, the reminders get to me on my phone as well with Exchange Activesync.  The new system to get me more organized is going to be much more work to get set up, so we’ll see after I get it fully up and running.  Stay Tuned!

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