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Tax Apps for iPhone & iPad: 1040EZ Options, TurboTax Free Apps



If you are looking for a way to file your taxes quickly, at the last minute from your iPhone or iPad this is the list of apps and services you need to know about.

There is no TurboTax Free app for iPhone, but fur users that want to file a 1040 or 1040 EZ there are plenty of great apps including a 1040EZ Tax App for iPhone and there is a free TurboTax app for federal filing.

There are many free or affordable iPhone tax apps and services that allow you to do your taxes, file on the go and sign up for a refund in less than 30 minutes.

If you don’t have time to do your 2013 taxes by the end of April 15th 2014 you should file for a tax extension. We show you how to use IRS Form 4868 to get an automatic six month tax extension from the iPhone, iPad or a computer. To do that you will still need to pay any taxes you owe, and this is best done with a printer and envelope handy.

For users that are still planning to file taxes on April 15th, here is a rundown of apps and services you can user to file up until the last minute and make payments or get your refund flowing. We’ll also show users how to track their tax refund.

Prepare and File Taxes on iPhone or iPad

If you are planning to do your taxes on the iPhone or iPad these three apps will help you complete the taxes using your information, file online or by mail and get your return in on time. If you are using your iPhone or iPad to enter this information and file your taxes on the go, stick with your cell phone connection, and avoid public WiFi, which is less secure.

TurboTax SnapTax

TurboTax SnapTax is a free download that lets users take a photo of their W2 and get started filing 2013 taxes instantly. The app will ask a variety of questions to help learn about your situation and any deductibles and according to the description can help you file your taxes in 10 minutes.

The TurboTax SnapTax app includes a free federal e-file and charges $14.99 for a state return. If your city charges taxes you will need to use the info provided on the federal tax return to manually fill that out.

1040EZ Tax App

H&R Block offers a free !040EZ 2013 app that walks users through filing a 1040EZ return from the iPhone with a free e-file. There are some in app purchases including $9.99 to prepare the taxes, which includes free e-file.

This 1040 EZ Tax App offers a free e-file, but charges $9.99 to prepare the taxes.

This 1040 EZ Tax App offers a free e-file, but charges $9.99 to prepare the taxes.

H&R Block 1040EZ supports taxpayers who:

  • Are single or married filing a joint return
  • Have income of $100,000 or less
  • Rent or lease
  • Have no dependents

Download the 1040EZ app for iPhone

Tax Act

TaxAct offers an iPad tax app that lets users prepare and e-file or print a t2013 tax return. The tax app is free to download and users can start their taxes for free as well. The tax app for iPad includes a free federal e-file and a $14.99 state return option. There is also a deluxe upgrade for users that need more options.

Use this iPad Tax app to file last minute.

Use this iPad Tax app to file last minute.

In addition to guiding users through entering information there are many areas where it will ask users for life events that can influence deductions and other savings.

H&R Block Tax Preparation

H&R Block also offers a Tax Prep app for iPad owners that walks users through the federal tax process. There is a free e-file option for some users, and those who don’t qualify will need to pay $34.99 for a basic federal return or up to $74.99 for a deluxe federal tax return.

The H&R Tax App for iPad lets users file online.

The H&R Tax App for iPad lets users file online.

There are also in app purchases for state tax returns starting at $29.99 and going up to $39.99. This app includes free audit support and otherH&R block promises.

Find a Professional

If the thought of doing your own taxes is overwhelming, you can use these apps to find a tax professional in your area, that might be able to help you do your taxes before the deadline.

H&R Block Tax App for iPhone

The H&R Tax App for iPhone will help you find a local Tax prep office that can do your 2013 taxes for you. This app won’t actually let you do your taxes, but it is a fast way to find a local tax professional and see how long they are open, which is usually only until 6PM local time.

Find a local tax professional.

Find a local tax professional.

Apple or Google Maps

If you have a favorite map app for your iPhone open it up and type in tax, taxes or accountants and you’ll see a list of local places where you can go to get tax help. Call ahead because today may be incredibly busy.

Tax Services and Apps

These iPhone and iPad apps won’t help you do your taxes, but they will help you find a post office that will mail your taxes for you on time and check your refund.


The USPS Mobile app will help you locate the nearest post office, see their hours and find the last pickup time. While some post office locations are open late, you can’t count on it. Many do not stay open late because of the increased number of people who e-file.

See how late the Post Office is open and track your tax refund.

See how late the Post Office is open and track your tax refund.


If you’ve already filed your 2013 taxes you can use the MyTaxRefund app to track your refunds from the federal government and the state return. You do not need to use TurboTax to use this free app.

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