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Tax Calculator: Estimate 2015 Tax Refunds for 2014 Taxes



Learn to use a tax calculator to figure out how much you owe or what your 2015 Tax refund will be for the 2014 taxes you need to file this year.

You can use tax calculator apps to figure out how much you will get back without spending the time to do your 2014 taxes. In addition to showing the 2015 tax refund, these apps can show you how much you might need to pay.

You can use the Android, iPad and iPhone tax calculator apps to get an estimate of your tax refund. You can also use these on the web at your computer if that is easier to use.

Right now users are filing 2014 taxes and estimating a 2014 tax return, but many of us call this a 2015 tax return because it is coming to users this year and many users plan to make a big purchase with a tax refund in 2015.

Use a Tax Calculator to get a free 2015 tax refund estimate.

Use a Tax Calculator to get a free 2015 tax refund estimate.

We already looked into the security of tax apps and as long as you do your homework iPhone tax apps are safe to use. Once you file you can check your 2014 tax return status to find out when you’ll get your money. Here we will show you tax calculators that are safe to use and that will help you estimate your 2014 tax refund in a few minutes.

Tax Calculator: Estimate Your Refund

You don’t need to pay to use a good income tax calculator. The big names in tax preparation offer free tax estimator tools that deliver a good estimate of 2014 tax returns, so you can figure out how much you will get back in 2015.

You don’t need to enter your Social Security Number, but you will need a good idea of your income and withholding, filing status, dependents, credits and deductions. If you need to file a complicated return for business income, a tax calculator may not be the best way to figure out your tax refund, but you can still use one.

The best tax calculator or tax estimator services are available online and in apps. You can safely use these to estimate your 2014 tax refund in less than 10 minutes. This hinges on entering the right information, so it helps to have your 2014 tax documents handy including your W-2, 10-99 and other forms.

You can use these tax calculator tools to estimate your 2014 tax refund with just a bit of information. These tax estimator tools include mortgage interest, charitable donations, job expenses, student loan interest, child care expenses, undergraduate degree program expenses, medical expenses, health car premium credit and more.

If you have a complicated return with a lot of deductions, you can still use one of these tax calculator tools, but it may take you more than 10 minutes.

Use a tax calculator app to get a free 2014 tax refund estimate.

Use a tax calculator app to get a free 2014 tax refund estimate.

It is also easy to use a tax calculator app on the iPhone, iPad or Android. Intuit makes the TaxCaster tool, a free tax refund calculator that you can run right from the iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The options and results should be the same on the web and on the iPhone, iPad or Android devices. There is not an option to save your progress and move to the web or move to the iPhone partway through the process. You can do this when you start to file taxes on the web or in an app, but the tax calculator will let you print your results and some will let you save them so you can come back to that service later.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fraction.Calc

    04/19/2019 at 2:20 am

    Some people find it hard to computer their income tax so using income tax calculator is a very good choice. This is very helpful to compute our tax. Off my hat to the creator of this calculator. You really help us a lot and saves us headaches from computing manually.

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