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Tech and your workouts



I’ve been struggling in the past several months with gettng my workouts back on track. Three years ago, I was sporting a healthy 170 – 180 lbs. Now, I’m at a thick 215. A lot of reasons factor in to that. Needless to say, though, I’ve reached my “fed up” point. I’m getting a physical today and am expecting to be blown away.

I go back and forth with the role tech plays in my work outs. I use a Polar heart monitor for mountain biking and running that I sync up to my Tablet PC – that is pretty standard. But I go back and forth with bringing my tablet pc in to my gym. Part of me just wants to write it down and not have to worry with hibernate, standby, feeling tempted to check my email in between sets, etc. I just want to concentrate on the workout and not have any distractions.

Other times, I’ll use BodyTrans for workout tracking, historical tracking, one time input, etc. I also think it is important to experience the role that an Origami type of device would play in experiences like workouts, etc. That is what they were designed for, right? Take anywhere, use anywhere devices…

Right now – I’m on the bare bones type of experience – paper based notebook with very little tech except for my heart rate monitor. 

What about you?

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