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Tech Row In The Theatre: We Need More Battery Life!!!!!



We’re in the final 48 hours before we have an audience at the premiere of Wayside Theatre’s new theatre complex and the pace of work is hot and heavy. We’ve had crews in around the clock working on everything from stage lighting to plumbing to scenery to rehearsals. This picture is a glimpse of our tech row (where the designers sit to watch rehearsals) and you can see that we’ve got a number of different devices running. (Several of them mine.) Actually you can say we’ve got a series of devices recharging because all of these are on AC power at the moment!!!!! In this picture you’ll see a MacBook, a ThinkPad X61, and Asus R2H UMPC, the Battery Geek Portable Power Station, and undetermined HP laptop, a PPC 6700, and who knows what else. At last night’s rehearsal there were 5 more devices in this row. Check out that nest of cables at the bottom of the picture!



We could sure use some more battery life around here, that’s for sure.


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