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Tech21 Galaxy S6 Ultra Thin Evo Case Review



A popular name in cases and accessories for smartphones is Tech21, and they have a wide selection of cases for the impressive new all glass and aluminum Galaxy S6. Here we’ll be testing out the new Tech21 Evo Check Ultra Thin case in clear and white, for those looking for lightweight yet durable Galaxy S6 protection.

Samsung’s new flagship is unlike any other Samsung smartphone ever released. It’s wrapped in a durable aluminum frame and is covered in glass on both the front and the back. And while drop tests have shown it to be very durable and hard to break the screen from drops, it does happen, and you’ll probably want to get protection.

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There are a number of excellent cases around for the Samsung Galaxy S6, and same goes for the Edge, but if you’re still on the lookout for a simple and effective case, read on to learn more about one of the many available from Tech21.

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Tech 21 offers a lot of different cases, and even wallet cases, but here we wanted something that was somewhat thin, lightweight, yet still extremely durable. Not everyone wants a bulky case, or a wallet case carrying around their cards along with their phone. It’s with that, that we’re reviewing the ultra thin Evo case from Tech 21.

This is the Evo Check Ultra Thin in white, and it’s your typical TPU case but with some added protection on the inside. It’s a checkered clear case, with white bumpers around the outside edges for double the protection on corners and sides in case you drop your phone. It looks a bit funny with the Black Galaxy S6, but if you chose white, they combine for a good look that will keep you protected.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 is very slippery being all glass and aluminum. The Tech 21 case makes it easier to hold, durable, and safe from drops. They’ve precision cut out all the ports for the IR sensor, camera, speakers on the bottom, and most importantly, done a great job with the buttons. Often cheap $4 TPU cases from eBay have buttons that aren’t right, making turning up the volume or turning off your device hard. These are squishy and very easy to push on Tech21’s option.

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The inside of the case has Tech21 FlexShock technology. A cutting edge hybrid impact protection material that lines the entire inside of the case. it absorbs, dissipates, and repels shock away from your device when you drop it. Making it bounce off the concrete and not be harmed.

Of course the sides wrap around to the front of the screen to keep it safe even while dropped face first, or while sitting down on a table. Then there’s a enforced ring around the camera to keep the entire case strong and your device protected.

There really isn’t much to this case. It’s a simple TPU design but with Tech 21 technology on the inside to make it more durable than most cheaper options around. You won’t get fancy additional features like a wallet or kickstand. Just outright protection in a sleek and low-profile design.

All said and done this is a minimal case that offers maximum protection, but comes in at $39.99. Its purpose is to be thin, lightweight, durable, and not get in the way of any features, and it does exactly that. It’s one of the most expensive TPU cases around, so you’ll have to decide if that added protection on the inside is worth your money, or if you’d rather try your luck with cheap Chinese knockoffs from Amazon, Ebay, and other sources. It has a perfect fit, and is one of many cases we’d recommend for your new Galaxy S6.

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