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One of the many pluses that a Tablet PC or Ultra-Mobile PC bring is the flexability in how to utlize the devices. Whether they are a person’s only computer or a companion device to a desktop, Mac, or another tablet pc, there are numerous possibilities for the mobile professional.

As I’m awaiting my X60 Tablet PC, I’ve been using my Core Duo MacBook Pro runnng Windows XP with Parallels and OS X at the same time. Yep, I’m a big Mac fan. I’ve got Foldershare running on the MacBook and my P1610 that keep my documents in sync across the two systems. This has been a very, very productive setup for me. The only thing I’m missing is an Exchange setup so my outlook data is kept in sync across the multiple devices. I had to shut down my Exchange server because it was so blasted loud. I’m currently shopping for a replacement server. Until then, I just have Outlook configured on my P1610 to keep my email on the server after checking it.

I’m using the Windows Live Toolbar to keep my bookmarks in sync, and playing with Google Reader for RSS. I still prefer IE 7 RSS, but for keeping my feeds the same across devices, Google Reader has been great. I’ll be experimenting with Windows Live Toolbar for RSS feeds later next week.

I have a Verizon EVDO card that I use on my p1610 for wireless access on the go. I plan on using this on my X60 Tablet PC when it arrives as well. The MacBook typically stays at home or the office. I normally take my P1610 with me on the road. Honestly speaking, I am very happy with my MacBook pro setup and Parallels, so much so, that I’m not sure if I’ll keep the X60 that is coming in this week. The only negatives with the MacBook is that it runs very, very hot, I can’t sign documents that come in when I’m working soley on the MacBook, and it only support Express Cards, which means I can’t use my EVDO card.

I have a love / hate relationship with PDA Phones. Every Treo I’ve used misses calls and I get poor voice quality in my office. My best success has been in using a regular phone and a PDA – which I find I still need. I’m using an LG bluetooth phone and an HP RX5915 Travel Companion iPAQ. The HP RX5915 has a built-in TomTom GPS and works flawlessly. I have it tethered to my phone to check my email periodically if I have to. I sync my PDA with my MacBook Pro. Again, having an exchange server in this setup would help so that I could just sync the PDA wherever I am to my exchange server.

So, that is my setup at this time. Tell us about your setup – what is working for you and what is not.

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