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Tennessee’s Medicaid and A Tablet PC Pilot Program



Them doctors that are roaming around in the hills of Tenneessee are going to be takin’ along some newfangled Tablet PC’s with ’em while making their travels.

Those doctors are going to be taking part in a study by The Bureau of TennCare and Shared Health’s HIE pilot program that just started in March.    And – Given the choice – 49 out of 50 doctors opted for the Tablet PC!

Physicians receive the equipment, training and support for free. They also gain access to a medication database, prescription histories, notification of TennCare’s and other payers’ formularies, and alerts about potential adverse drug interactions, among other features, according to Shared Health.

We’ll see how it goes in June when the pilot ends – hope it goes well for all involved!

(Disclaimer: I am originally from Tenn – so I can make fun :) )

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