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TEO 3.0 beta 1 is working with Outlook 2007



Josh posted this morning that TEO 3.0 is now working with Outlook 2007. A new build is not available yet, but it shouldn’t be long. Keep checking the download page

Update: Josh just posted an update. Here are the bug fixes. Download the update here.

  • Bug when default country not set fixed (this was a big one)
  • Better logging
  • Better recognizer fallback
  • Outlook 2007 working in my test environment (tested on Outlook 2007 Beta1TR). Let me know how it works for you. There is still a glitch in Outlook that the standard Outlook screen momentarily shows. This is as far as I can tell, an Outlook bug. Also did not fully test all features. But forms load and save and toggling back and forth works.
  • No more huge wikipedia.dat. Moved to the web server.
  • Zip code and city/state auto fill enabled. More web services will be coming soon.



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